Floral Dresses 2016 What's New?

Simple, colorful and fun... That's what Floral Dresses are... Although it came out to be just predictable when it comes to its prints but the style of each dresses says it all wrong... The uniqueness of Floral Dresses is all about the lively fashion forward designs... It can be paired with plain fabrics or perhaps lace fabrics, it all just comes down to its peculiarity... Feel free to accessorize your fave floral dress and you're good to go! 

Autumn 2016 Looks

Autumn is such a colorful season... It is the best time of the year to just dress up and be stylish as you can be. Get noticed and be that fashionable diva in town! No. 1 rule? Is just to be comfortable with what you wear and start working on with colors and fabrics... If you feel like it all goes well, then congrats girl you just got that rocking #ootd to show off! ;) <3

I Look Chic and Fab in Black <3 Guess What? I'm Going To Party!

You can never go wrong with #BLACK <3 It's what most women say: "If everything doesn't go too well or too much, it's a call time for black #ootds ;)" Black is all about sexiness, elegance and simplicity. The color itself is already a replica of fashion and style. The only game changer for it? Would be the accessories you have to go with! 

A touch of skin goes well with black. Not saying showing too much though but just the right tad amount of skin will work. ;) Especially if you are going on a night club, night dates or parties, it's best to add a little twist of sexiness to it. I grabbed a few choices of my personal picks just for you, what yah think? ;) 

WATCH out! I'm fashionably on time

Women admire fine jewelry... It's expensive, yes! But if it's over the top jewel, then why not? ;) I feel yah girl! <3 The most classic accessory one can ever wear at any occasion, day and season would be wrist watches. As they say, less is more... Do you agree? Can you imagine walking through an aisle of expensive wrist watches? it spells H.E.A.V.E.N <3 Of course it screams $$$$ but definitely worth it, if you are a fashion DIVA like me :D It's crucial that when you invest on something this expensive, break the ice and be like a detective on CSI ;) Get to know the item well and find that gut feeling of owning the perfect item!

Now, how to pair it up? Let me share this idea I have in mind:

Plus-Size Fashion In Style - Do Not Settle For Less Than You Deserve


Who says plus-sized women can't go out in style? Being stylish and chic shouts CONFIDENCE! The best way to carry your #OOTD "Out of the day" is by showing the passion you have for wearing such a trendy look for the season. There is no such thing as being not in style because even vintage clothing still screams fashion these days! It's the way you carry the spin of being #fab that makes the difference.... <3

Garnerstyle.com is a one of the most popular pages when it comes to plus-size fashion wear... This absolutely stunning look for fall yelps simplicity and elegance... As they say: "You can never go wrong with WHITE"... I second that! ;) The minimalist color combination of this look is just plain beauty. <3